Nutrition: Aiming for a well rounded, protein-rich diet in pregnancy

 Dr. Bradley often references Dr. Brewer and his recommendations for a whole food, well-rounded, and protein-rich diet during pregnancy.  Other respected organizations also support Dr. Bradley's recommendation of 100 grams of protein per day.   Expecting mothers can use protein counters and charts to understand their baseline, and can work together with their coach/ husband to maintain 85-100 g per day.  

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Avoiding an Episiotomy

  When a laboring mother is in an upright squat position, allowing gravity to do it's work, and she has prepared her body for the intense pressure and stretching through proper nutrition and exercise, an episiotomy can be optimistically avoided.  Below are tips to avoid tearing, another issue that can successfully be avoided through preparation. Squat as exercise often--helps the squatting position during labor. Elbows up and out if using classic/semi squat position. (Husband Coached childbirth, p. 97)   Avoid the lithotomy (flat on the back) position (Husband coached, p. 98) Avoid pushing with all your might and instead push with self control (Husband coached childbirth p. 186) To avoid an episiotomy: p. 185, Husband Coached Childbirth. Twelve things our mothers do to help avoid an episiotomy . Good nutrition. Squatting. Air. Kegel. No soap. Lotion and massage. Talk to your doctor or midwife in advance. Be patient. Keep your elbows up and out, and knees back. Push with self-contro

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